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The company manufacturers PP Woven fabric & sacks. It sells both fabric and bags. The bags are stitched under the same roof itself. Almost two lakh bags are made everyday. They are used for packing various products like rice, fertilizers, cement, sugar, poultry feed, pipes, various food grains & staples etc. The fabric is sold in both laminated and unlaminated form. Lamination is also done under the same roof. Printing is also undertaken accordingly to the customers requirement. The fabric manufactured varies from 16” to 60”  and is available from 40 GSM to 120 GSM.
LDPE Rolls and Bags (Low Density Poly-Ethelene)

LDPE Rolls and Bags are natural milky color and very flexible, translucent with high impact strength. LDPE has excellent for mild and strong applications with good chemical resistance,. good water vapor and alcohol barrier properties, poor gas barrier, sterilizable with gamma radiation. LDPE has a lower “density” than HDPE. That just means it has a bit less mass compared to its volume. For example, lead is dense. LDPE is resistant to impact i.e doesn’t break easily, moisture, and chemicals and can stand up to many hazardous materials.
Features :

  • Has a good balance of flexibility and strength
  • High rebound resilience
  • Good resistance to aldehydes, ketones and vegetable oils
  • Can withstand upto 90 Deg.C
  • Very soft and can be used to make pliable parts
  • Multi color and strengths
Density :
0.92 g/cu.cm (at accurate)
Elon. at break (Tensile) :
100 %
Water Absorption :
less than 0.01 (at 24Hr)

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Jaguar Petropacks Pvt. Ltd
We are one of the India's largest manufacturer and Exporter of HDPE fabric rolls, PP, BOPP and LDPE bags and Non-Woven bags
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